PAX East 2013 is this weekend and we will be there!

PAX East (aka the Penny Arcade Exposition) is a video and tabletop gaming conference that will take place in Boston March 22-March 24.  An impressive number of 62,000+ gamers attend the festivities and we can’t wait to talk to ALL of them…ok, so maybe that is not possible but if you love trying out a brand new, co-op adventure game or fast paced, medieval themed, flicking game, don’t skip our booth!

Gamewright’s demo game table back in 2011! Two years later and we are bringing you our sequel Forbidden Desert this time around.

Gamewright will have a demo table and you will be able to scoop all your tabletop loving friends and try our new games Cube Quest and Forbidden Desert before they hit the stores this spring.  We are also bringing demos of our old stand-bys, Forbidden Island, Sleeping Queens, City Square Off and Gubs!  Rest your feet and play a game with us.

We are partnering with a fantastic local store Eureka and many of our favorite titles will be available for purchase right then and there.  The conference is open until 2am on Friday and Saturday night, we can’t wait to play games into the wee hours of the morning with all the lovely PAX people!

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GUBS inspires a flurry of imagination!

One of the true must-have games that we make is GUBS.  I can say this with authority because I review all the fantastic feedback from you loyal Gamewright fans.

Every once in a whilGubs Snow Sculpture 1e a truly unique message falls into our inbox and we can’t help but share. This one came in from Karen Seymour, who recently organized a Gamewright Gamenight for the Portland Recreation Dept. in Maine. She says, “As a hobby, when I’m not working with kids in Portland Recreation’s after school program…I snow sculpt 8 foot by 4 foot snow columns into temporary works of art… This year, because we love playing Gubs so much, we decided to honor Gamewright Games by carving our rendition of “Get That Gub!” As you can see, we have one Gub on the front under a mushroom and in between two fern fronds, and the other photo is the Esteemed Elder.”Gubs Snow Sculpture 2

GUBS is a 20 minute card game for 2-6 players, ages 10 and up. Players will discover a lushly illustrated fantasy world based around a group of imaginative creatures called Gubs. The object of the game is to build the mightiest Gub colony, while fighting off a myriad of traps, lures, and other surprising events. Victory lies down an ever-changing path and no one is safe until the final card falls!

Did you know that GUBS is now available to play on your iPhone?  Check it out here!

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Pssssst! Do you want a sneak peek at the 2013 Gamewright Games?

WindDeck_CardBackAt Gamewright our aim is to be a pioneer in creating family games that ignite the imagination. Our 2013 trail-blazing line-up, loaded with adventure, quests, voyages and even a few monsters – meets all our expectations!  Pack your bags and get ready to explore our nine new titles, including an expansion for the hot-selling Rory’s Story Cubes as well as a thrilling sequel to the hit cooperative game, Forbidden IslandIndustry insiders will see all of these new releases at the 2013 Toy Fair in New York City in a couple weeks but we wanted to give you the highlights from our latest and greatest, here first:

Skunk BingoTM

A Sweet Smelling Game
2-4 players * Pre-school

Line up for this game of log jammin’ fun! Spin the spinner and then place a creature into the log. If any pop out the other side, add them to your board. Don’t let the skunk nose his way in line or else he’s sure to make a stink! Be the first to fill your board and enjoy the sweet smell of victory!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013

Chef Pop de PopTMChefPopDePop_3D_Box_WEB

A Corny Kind of Counting Game
2-6 players * Ages 6 and up

Butter up for this freshly packed game that’s bursting with fun! Shake the shaker and then count up the popcorn on the dice. Collect your cards if the total matches any of the flavors. Watch out for burnt kernels, and if you spot the “Pop!”, get ready to jump out of your seat in a jiffy! Stack up the most cards and munch your way to a win!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013


The great big game in a Teeny-Weeny tin.
2-4 players * Ages 8 and up

Look, see, play and score… a lot! Add cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape, and number are either all the same or all different across the line. Sounds easy but as the grid expands, so do the possibilities. Whoever sees the opportunities will seize the win! Iota – The pocket-sized game that’s big time fun!

Playing time: 30 minutes
Availability: Shipping now

Rory’s Story Cubes – VoyagesTM

1+ players * Ages 8 and up

GW_RorysStoryCubesVoyagesProductTake a trip with Rory’s Story Cubes! Contained within this set are nine iconic cubes that aim to inspire stories of epic adventure. Cast away on a desert island… Spin tales of a faraway land. With 54 images and millions of combinations, your journeys are bound to be endless!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Shipping now

Monster CafeTM

A Terribly Tasty Card Game
2-4 players * Ages 8 and up

Make a reservation for ewww at the Monster Café! Play cards to seat hungry monsters around tables filled with such revolting refreshments as Roasted Roadkill, Boiled Brains, and Stinky Sock Stew. But be careful as these monsters are extremely picky eaters. Feed them what they fancy or else they may take a bite out of your score! Oh, and whatever you do, avoid the lemon sorbet!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013

Cube QuestTM

Clash for the Crown
2 players * Ages 8 and up

MCubeQuestBoxWEBobilize your fingers for the ultimate six-sided skirmish! Field an army of cubes and then place them strategically on the board. Each cube has special powers: Heroes and Skulks are strong on the attack, while Guards are better for defense. Once your cubes are in position, sound the trumpets and let the flicking begin! Try to knock your opponent’s king off the board, aiming carefully not to get caught behind enemy lines. Triumph in your quest and crown yourself the Cube King!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013


The Head to Head Marble MatchTerzetto_3D_Box_WEB
2 players * Ages 8 and up

Outwit and outplace your opponent in this clever game of marble maneuvers. Take turns placing sets of three marbles onto your board according to the pattern in the shaker. Starts off easy but you’ll need a keen eye and a bit of luck to make everything fit.  Fill your board before your opponent and you clearly know how to mind your marbles!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013

That’s ItTM

Just the Right Party Game
or more players * Ages 12 and up

 Quick! Name soThatsItProductShot_WEBmething you find in a toolbox. If you said “hammer” then you’ve hit the nail on the head with this fast playing “word for word” party game. Draw a topic card and then race to shout out answers until someone says the exact word written. Get the most right and – That’s It! – you win!

Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013

Forbidden DesertTM

Thirst for Survival
Forbidden_Desert_Promo_WEB2 to 5 players * Ages 10 and up

Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert!

Playing time: 45 minutes
Availability: Spring 2013

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Gamewright Embarks on a New Forbidden Adventure in 2013!

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”
Lewis Carroll

BUT, inForbiddenDesert_3-4Tin_WEB this case the explanation is part of the adventure! We are bursting at the seams to tell you about our newest game: Forbidden Desert, a new family adventure game by renowned cooperative game designer, Matt Leacock.  The game is a follow-up to our successful Forbidden Island  but is not simply a second wind. In Forbidden Desert, players take on the roles of brave adventurers who must throw caution to the wind and survive both blistering heat and blustering sand in order to recover a legendary flying machine buried under an ancient desert city. This marks the first time that we have published a sequel to one of our games!

“When we launched Forbidden Island back in 2010, we had an inkling that we had hit game on our hands, but never to the point that we’d be prompted to publish a sequel,” says Jason Schneider, our director of product development and marketing. “I’m beyond thrilled to see this vision come to fruition.”

One of the key challenges we posed to inventor Matt Leacock was to create a game that would contain familiar elements while offering up a completely different in-game experience. “In addition, we wanted it to be simultaneously approachable to new players while upping the ante for those who felt they had mastered Forbidden Island,” says Schneider. All this resulted in a fresh new game based around an innovative set of mechanics, such as an ever-shifting board, individual resource management, and unique method for locating the flying machine parts.

See for yourselves and Watch the Trailer!

Lastly, here are the details and nothing but the details, your travel itinerary. We look forward to taking this Forbidden adventure further with all of you!

Forbidden Desert will make its debut spring of 2013. The game will come in a tin package and retail for a suggested $24.99.


Forbidden Desert
Thirst for Survival
Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert!Forbidden_Desert_Promo_WEB

49 cards
48 sand markers
24 tiles
6 pawns
5 water level markers
4 flying machine parts
1 flying machine model
1 sand storm meter
1 stand storm meter stand
1 sand storm level marker
Rules of play

Players: 2-5
Ages: 10+
Playing time: 45 minutes

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Heartwarming Stocking Stuffers for 2012!


This season, may all your hearts feel as full and warm as your holiday supper and what better way to do that than gather your family and play games together. They say that big gifts come in small packages. Three new selections from our line are small enough to nestle snug in a stocking but grand enough to give hours of family merriment throughout the year; all for under $10:

IOTA, the gIOTA-HiResreat big game in teeny-weeny tin, is sure to challenge and delight. Players add cards to a grid, looking for patterns that match or are entirely different. As the grid expands so do the possibilities. Whoever sees the opportunities will seize the win! This game has just hit the shelves but is already a winner of a MENSA Select award as well as a Parents’ Choice Recommended honor.

fitzit_glamFitzItis the newest addition to our popular Port-A-Party series. Bring this box of fun to any holiday gathering and add some sparkle to the festivities.  This game is all about coming up with an object that fits the attributes that are listed on your cards; get creative and play the most cards to score big! Fitz It, a gold winner from the National Parenting Publication Award, and is sure to be a winner at any party.

Rory’s Story RoryAction_ProductShotCubes – Actions, is the next installment of our best-selling game of the same name.  Actions features nine cubes that contain images of every day verbs and can be combined with the original Rory’s Story Cubes or played independently. This year, play a few rounds and come up with your own action-packed holiday stories! Dr. Toy 10 Best Games winner.

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Four Games to Bring to your Thanksgiving Holiday Gathering.

This week is National Game and Puzzle Week from November 18th through November 24th.  It is perfectly timed to remind you to toss a game in your bag before heading off to visit the extended family.  We at Gamewright have many choices of games that will turn that waiting game of “when will the turkey be ready” into game time but don’t get too caught up in the fun and forget to baste the bird!  These four come in small packaging and are easy to tuck in a suitcase to travel with and will get your family laughing.

Joe Name It
This is one from our Port-a-Party line. Can you name a movie with 2 sequels? How about a music group with 3 members? Test your numbers know-all in this fast-playing “name it to claim it” party game. Draw a category card and then fill in the blank with the number you rolled. Be the first person to name something that fits and you’re smarter than the average Joe!

Who Would Win

Who Would Win is sure to spark some debate, and lots of laughs! Who would win a hot dog eating contest: Donald Trump or Albert Einstein? Settle this and other timeless debates in this hilarious party game of improbable celebrity match-ups. Draw cards and then convince the judge why your character would win a randomly chosen event. Get the most votes and there’s no debate who wins the game!

Fitz It

Fitz It is our newest Port-a-Party game! What comes in a box, fits inside a blender, and is bound to make you laugh? “FitzIt” – the party game where fun is all in the description! Name an object that fits the attributes on your cards and then play them to the grid. The more cards you play, the faster you score. Use your creativity and you’re fit to win!


This game will sharpen your wits as you relax after indulging in your holiday meal; look, see, play and score… a lot! Add cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape, and number are either all the same or all different across the line. Sounds easy but as the grid expands, so do the possibilities. Whoever sees the opportunities will seize the win! Iota – The pocket-sized game that’s big time fun!

How are you going to celebrate this Thanksgiving?  Maybe slow down and enjoy a board game with the family in honor of National Game and Puzzle Week!

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Halloween has snuck up on us again!

Here at Gamewright this fall is just flying by faster than a green-haired witch on her trusty broom. Halloween is a great time to pause and have some fun – let your creativity run wild.  Our games are filled with funky characters that might inspire some last minute costume ideas.  Image

Maybe you were considering dressing up as a mermaid, check out the characters in the Mermaid Beach deck, like Evil Eva and Swirly Shirley; they are mermaids extraordinaire!

Maybe going as a Greek god is more your taste, our game Zeus on the Loose has them all. Take a peek at our renditions of Poseidon or Hera, to add a little twist to your costume.


 Did you dress up as a character from one of our games today?  If so we would love to see some pictures, please send them to  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

*Author’s note:  I took a page from my own playbook; when in doubt pick a costume based on what inspires you.  This year I chose our game Ringo Flamingo!Image

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