Name a Monster for our New Game!

Beware the Eyeball Eater!

We need your help with a game we’re working on for next year. The basic idea that there are a bunch of hungry monsters, each of which feasts on a particular kind of yucky food. For example: One monster is an “Eyeball Eater”. Another is a “Roadkill Eater”.  We still have a few more monsters to name and welcome your suggestions of what kind of “Eaters” you’d like to see in the game.

Reply to this post with some yucky things that you’d like to see eaten. Or email it to

If your name makes it into the game, you’ll not only win a free copy once it’s published, we’ll also give you a shout out in the credits. Thanks in advance for your monstrous contribution!

*All contributions become property of Gamewright


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12 Responses to Name a Monster for our New Game!

  1. Hussain says:

    Mud Eater !

  2. Kevin says:

    You have to have a brain eater. Let’s see…vomit, moldy food, sour milk, toxic waste, chewed up gum, dirty laundry, bad politicians, crooked lawyers, smelly sneakers, those peanut shaped marshmallow candies. I could do this all day. Sounds like a fun game to design!

  3. Angie W says:

    Single sock eater – he hangs around the washing machine! One sock and he is full. And he never eats the same type of sock again.

  4. Angie W says:

    Time Cruncher – he munches on play time. Just when you are having fun. Zap it’s time to go.

  5. Angie W says:

    Sneaky Shuffler – Swipes items. He leaves them in the last place you would think to look. – Trade cards with an opponent.

  6. Angie W says:

    Car Keys – This character jingles as he moves along. Swish car keys, fobs, and other key ring items are not safe around this guy.

  7. Angie W says:

    Eye Glasses – Always searching for the right pair. Monster takes a pair and leaves a pair behind. Trade one card from your hand to an opponent.

  8. Teeni says:

    Gastraceans who eat rotten seafood washed up on the shore, Green Chewtrons who eat non-recyclable materials like certain plastics and metals, Swarming Snafoos who immediately descend upon biological wastes, Quick Quisinators who have a really bad fast food habit, Cauliraptors – like all vegetables that kids won’t eat.

  9. Linda Edwards says:

    How about a Booger eater that eats nose boogers? Or a scab eater? Or a belly button lint eater? Don’t know if you want gross or just anything at all. Liver and onion eater, garbage eater, vomit eater. That’s what my kids suggest!

  10. Casey Grove says:

    How about a monster that eats belly button lint???… the “Lint Licker”.

  11. G West says:

    How about a chapstick eater,or a cafeteria leftover eater, or a hand sanitizer eater, or an earwax eater, or drain-hair eater, or he eats the old food crumbs in the car, or the crumbs under the couch cushions, or he eats the old broken crayons, or he could eat the dust bunnies in the corner of your room, the rotten, old, forgotten leftovers in the back of the refridgerator, or the runny nose licker, or the monster that eats rotten smelling sneakers.

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