Expand Your Mind with Brainwright

Ceaco, our parent company, is proud to announce the launch of a new division this summer: Brainwright – For Curious Minds. In addition to the Gamewright family games division, Brainwright will feature brainteasers, mind benders, and other unique items that aim to inspire right and left brain thinking, improve memory, and exercise logic skills in a fun way.

“Throughout the years, we’ve come across many cool and creative products that were neither a puzzle nor a game,” says Alison Yada, Vice President of Marketing for Ceaco. “What could we do with these wonderful, new inventions? Thus the Brainwright brand was born, and we are thrilled to offer the marketplace a collection of pretty awesome products that are fun and provide a challenge for everyone.”

Some of the Brainwright-branded items will include The Baffler™, as well as new items below:

Flexi Puzzle™ – Flex your mind with the Flexi Puzzle! The 12 cubes can be bent in every direction. But which is the right way? With 80 challenges and 4 levels of difficulty, this brain teaser will have you twisting and turning, but that’s half the fun!

Hexus™ – Get your brain in shape with this colorful logic puzzle with 44 challenging levels. Choose a level and then try to arrange the pieces into the remaining spaces on the board. Starts of easy but by the end you’ll need a fit brain to fit the shapes into place!

Puzzle Blox™ – This six-sided puzzle featuring fine and modern art contains 130 cubes for the ultimate challenge. 12 different images available!


And now to announce last week’s contest winner – Congratulations to Barbara, whose favorite state is Virginia for the mountains, history, wineries and natural parks! Barbara will receive a copy of The Scrambled States of America Game – Deluxe Edition autographed by Laurie Keller. Enjoy!


About Gamewright

Gamewright is a leading manufacturer of family games, best known for such household hits as Slamwich, Rat-a-Tat Cat, In a Pickle, Rory's Story Cubes and The Scrambled States of America Game. Gamewright prides itself on making games that foster laughter, learning, friendship and fun. Kids, parents, grandparents, and educators all agree that Gamewright makes some of the best games on the planet. For more information, visit www.gamewright.com.
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2 Responses to Expand Your Mind with Brainwright

  1. Angie W says:

    Will the Brainwright items be sent out for Family Game Night kits? We have held 2 Family Game Nights and are planning for our 3rd one this winter.

    • Gamewright says:

      Angie – Great question! We will be sending out a few items in the fall for GameNights. The Brainwright items are made for one player so it will be interesting to see how they do at community/family oriented events. When you book your event, please request the Brainwright items you are interested in. We will certainly look forward to your feedback!

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