Ceaco continues to Baffle!

Ceaco, our parent company, has made some great innovations in the jigsaw puzzle world. Ceaco strives to feature outstanding artists and their art, as well as explore new technologies involving printing, die cutting and unique puzzle materials.

Last year, Ceaco introduced Chris Yates and his amazing series of jigsaw puzzles, The Baffler. This year we are proud to announce The Baffler Series 2! There are 3 brand new designs, continuing the line he describes as “the most unique puzzle ever.” Each puzzle image is randomly designed and cut in the oddest ways to make it as tricky as possible. As with the original series, The Baffler Series 2 has no straight edges, no overlapping images and many unique shapes.

Two of the puzzles in the series have a piece count of 66, with the third having 64 pieces. Ceaco is offering three different puzzles featuring Yates’ creations, called “Drip Curl”, “Pocket Change” and “Squarewave Remodulator”. You can view and purchase them here. Feeling a little baffled? Check out this video we created for the original series:

You can also go here to see what one reviewer at GeekMom thinks of The Baffler.

Yates attended Rhode Island School Of Design, generally working on metal and wood sculpture, but also studying at Brown University for play-writing, set design and experimental electronic music.  He was an assistant shop technician for both the Sculpture Foundry and the wood shop. He’s also held various day jobs including: portrait photographer, bartender, cabinetmaker, video editor, dog-kennel assembler, large-format printer, signmaker, and he was once the Statue Of Liberty for a week (you can call Chris a jack of all trades).

Just a few of the neat things Chris makes

So, between being the Statue of Liberty and pouring drinks, how did The Bafflers come to life? In 2002, Yates began to make more 3D painted wood maps, which he dubbed “Terraforms”.  While he did make some modest income from commissions and shows here and there, he generally had a poor experience with local galleries and art/craft shows.  He started marketing more online and producing more as he could, and then one day in April 2004 he ruined a layer of a Terraform, got angry, and chopped it up into little bits on his new scroll saw.

Thus, The Baffler, Yates’ signature jigsaw puzzles were born!  Combining the time-honored tradition of hand-cut wooden tray puzzles with his modern, colorful aesthetic, Bafflers are by far his most popular and unique products to this day.  There are very few people still out there making puzzles this way, and Yates’ Bafflers have generated a very enthusiastic international following.  Keep up with Chris at www.chrisyates.net.


And now to announce the winner of last week’s contest for a copy of FitzIt! We asked readers to play the game by choosing from a hand of cards to add to the grid above. Congratulations to Scott B. who used all five cards from the list to describe a towel! To “Comes in a variety of colors” on the grid, Scott added “Usually hangs”, “Used Daily”, “Can be rolled up”, “Usually taken on a camping trip”, and “Made with fabric”. The more cards you use from your hand in one turn, the faster you’ll rack up the points! Pick up a copy of FitzIt at your local toy store to continue this game, or start your own!

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