Store Spotlight: Rainy Day Games, Aloha, OR

Aloha, Oregon is only about 10 miles outside of Portland!

Our Store Spotlight feature today focuses on Rainy Day Games in Aloha, Oregon. We decided to feature this store not only because are they a great customer that carries an excellent selection of Gamewright games, but also because they recently hosted a “Meet the Inventor” event with Emily Ehlers, the 12-year-old inventor of our game Mermaid Beach! Their store also recently underwent a major remodel and is looking great, so we’d like to encourage our readers near the area to pay them a visit. We had the chance to speak with Amy Ellis, one of the owners of Rainy Day Games. Here’s what she had to say!

Why did you decide to open Rainy Day Games?
The place my husband and his friend, now business partner, used to play Magic: The Gathering was going out of business so they decided to open a family game store. The vision was to have a store that carried something for the entire family, not just the traditional gamer. 13+ years later I think our store still reflects that vision. We have events throughout the week that target a wide range of customers, from D&D and Magic to Pokemon and Family Board Gaming.

Emily showing fans how to play her game, Mermaid Beach, at Rainy Day Games.

What are the challenges of owning a specialty shop?
Finding the time to do all the behind-the-scenes business stuff and still have the time and energy to interact and have fun with the customers.

What is the most rewarding part?
Selling great products that customers love.

Rainy Day Games has a great selection of Gamewright products!

What are your best selling Ceaco and Gamewright products? Do you have any personal favorites?
Forbidden Island is by far our best selling Gamewright product. It is a great game at an amazing price.  Loot, Sleeping Queens, Feed the Kitty, and Hit or Miss are also consistently strong sellers for us. We also carry Ceaco puzzles and I have several customers who are devoted fans of the Jane Wooster Scott puzzles.

Thanks for reading my interview with Amy! Rainy Day Games is having their first annual Game Day & Auction on October 16th, and they also hold lot of other in-store special events that you don’t want to miss if you’re in the area. Contact them to find out more information!

To our retailers: If you carry Gamewright games and/or Ceaco puzzles, and would like to be featured on our blog, contact me at pr [at] gamewright [dot] com.

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