Gamewright GameNights – Make One Happen At Your School!

Family playing The Scrambled States of
America Game at Brackett Elementary

Now that the summer is winding down and kids and parents are gearing up for the new school year, it’s a great time to think about planning a Gamewright GameNight! Our GameNight program not only encourages community-building through game playing, but also makes a great fundraiser for the school that hosts the event – they will keep 50% of the proceeds from games sold! In 2010, we had 137 GameNights that raised over $50,000 for schools and other non-profit organizations. In the 2011 spring semester we held 60 GameNights, and the fall is already shaping up to be even more eventful.

At a GameNight, you can expect to have the opportunity to play some of our most popular games like The Scrambled States of America Game, Rat-A-Tat-Cat, and Slamwich. And now that all of our brand new 2011 games are available, you’ll be able to play Mermaid Beach, GUBS, City Square Off and more! And don’t forget that after playing, all of the games played plus our other available titles will be for sale, so you and your family can take the fun home!

Overview of a GameNight at the Greater Portland Christian School

Here are some steps to make a GameNight happen at your school:

1. Coordinate a date, time, and location with the powers in your school. Ideal days are Thursdays and Fridays (but others have worked as well). Time frame is usually a couple of hours between 6pm and 9pm. Suggested locations are school cafeteria, gym, library, or someplace where tables and chairs are readily available. You may also consider pairing your GameNight with a pot luck or pizza dinner.

2. Confirm your date with Gamewright. Once your GameNight is in our calendar, we will send a “tool kit” of materials to guide you through the details of running a successful event.

3. Recruit Volunteers. You will need at least 5 volunteers to make your GameNight a success: One to run the sales table, one to monitor the demo games table, and at least three Game Guru to walk around and help teach games. However, the more Game Gurus you have, the more successful your event. This is a great job for dads or high school students in need of community service hours.

4. Promote your GameNight. We provide promotional posters and flyers to distribute throughout your school. By request, we’ll also provide a press release to send to your local paper. The earlier you start promotion, the more people will come out to play!

To get started on planning your event or just to learn more,


About Gamewright

Gamewright is a leading manufacturer of family games, best known for such household hits as Slamwich, Rat-a-Tat Cat, In a Pickle, Rory's Story Cubes and The Scrambled States of America Game. Gamewright prides itself on making games that foster laughter, learning, friendship and fun. Kids, parents, grandparents, and educators all agree that Gamewright makes some of the best games on the planet. For more information, visit
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One Response to Gamewright GameNights – Make One Happen At Your School!

  1. You’re sure right about the fact that the more game gurus you have the better- and the better the gurus, the better, too.

    Last night was the second annual family game night at my son’s middle school. The first year I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured out pretty quickly it was put on by a toy store chain. Which is fine, but most of the equivalent of ‘game gurus’ knew kind of how to play most of the games which could be frustrating and disappointing if there was a cool game that you got a bad first impression of due to weak or wrong instructions by somebody who only knew sort-of how to play.

    At events like these, there really isn’t enough time to fully read the rules to even easy games, so it’s very important to have numerous people who actually really KNOW HOW to play the game who can explain it well. Even a very cool game will seem lame if you don’t play it right. Especially since people who don’t play games often may have a harder time picking up instructions.

    My wife is president of the PTO at my middle son’s elementary school. I just sent her the link to this post. If it works out for us, you can be sure we’ll have gurus who can teach how to play the games right.

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