Forbidden Island Nominated for Game of the Year in Germany

Imagine starting off your work week by hearing news that one of your games has been nominated for, essentially, the Oscars of the game industry. Well…that’s what happened to Gamewright this week! Forbidden Island has been nominated for Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) in Germany. For those that don’t know, this is one of the most prestigious (if not the most prestigious) award in the game industry.  Forbidden Island is Gamewright’s first game EVER to be nominated for this award. Jason Schneider, product development and marketing manager for Gamewright, says, “Ever since I’ve known about the Spiel des Jahres it’s been a dream that one of our games would be nominated. I was beyond thrilled to wake up on Monday morning and learn my dream had come true.”

You can learn more about the Spiel des Jahres here and here. To give you a quick summary, the award was created in 1978 to recognize excellence in game design, and to promote top-quality games in the German market. It is thought that the existence and popularity of the award is one of the major drivers of the quality of games coming out of Germany.

The award is given by a jury of board game critics who review games released in Germany in the preceding twelve months. The games considered for the award are family-style games. Here’s the criteria on which a game will be evaluated:

  1. game concept (originality, playability, game value)
  2. rule structure (composition, clearness, comprehensibility)
  3. layout (box, board, rules),
  4. design (functionality, workmanship)

Forbidden Island has already won a handful of prestigious awards since it’s release in 2010, including, Mensa Select, FamilyFun Magazine Game of the Year and MTV Geek’s Top Board Game of 2010.

We’re all so happy about this news here at Gamewright HQ. We also want to give recognition to our great German publishing partner, Schmidt Spiele, who licensed Forbidden Island (in German, Die verbotene Insel) from us. Of course, the inventor of Forbidden Island, Matt Leacock, deserves a shout-out as well. We notified him of this great news at around 6:30am Monday morning…I hope it was a good wake-up call! 🙂

The winner of the Spiel des Jahres will be announced June 27, so until then, fingers crossed!


In other news, I want to congratulate Jimmy S., the winner of our Who Would Win contest. You’ve won both new Port-a-Party games: Joe Name It and Who Would Win. The contest question was: Who would win a hot dog eating contest? Donald Trump OR Albert Einstein?

Jimmy said:

Trump would win.

Once the contest started, he would turn to Einstein and say “You’re Fired!”

Automatic victory.


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